Yes, We will be the BEST!

Our Team is aimed to building an innovative DeFi ecosystem of products on Solana, developing a liquidity-efficient, powerful and user-friendly decentralized trading platform including Swap, leveraged trading, staking and re-staking


Decentralized & Trustless

Trade without middlemen! Our platform is powered by smart contracts, so you stay in control.

Self Custody

No need to deposit or withdraw assets. Trade directly from your wallet, ensuring maximum security.

Permissionless Access

No KYC. No lengthy sign-ups. Start trading immediately.

Enhanced Security

The protocol is fully open-sourced and audited. No hidden logic - just transparent code.

Fast and Low Fees

Support One-Click Trading and Low fees

  • Jeff

    Team Leader, Now working for the Apple company

  • Ben

    Head of partnerships, working for the Apple company

  • Elysa

    Marketing, From Uniliver Global

  • Eren

    UI/UX Designer

  • Willy

    Blockchain/Full stack Developer

  • Reiner

    Blockchain Engineer/Coding,from Google


Ticker: SOLT, Tokens are for staking and governmence vote


TotalSupply: 100,000,000 SOLT (100M)

Initial Supply: 20,000,000 SOLT (20M)

Initial Supply including 10,000,000 Pre-Sale Token

For Public Pre-Sale Please send SOL coins to address:


Please notice the ONLY Solana Address for Public Pre-Sale: 5GJ3StkBzKuz5E5wENHSKVMAjfZBkLhS5ZxpJpcxwqA6

  • Strategic sale: 10% (10M) tokens will be allocated for Private Sale. The initial investment these tokens are for strategic investors who will help with the initial growth of the project. Lock for 1 Years
  • Public Sale:10% (10M) tokens will be allocated for public sale. All funds going to Uniswap Liquidity. Unlock
  • Uniswap Liquidity: Together with the Sol coin from Public Pre-Sale will be used for Liquidity Generation on Uniswap.
  • Team: 5% (5M) Lock for 3 Years
  • Ecosystem Rewards: 25% (25M) Airdrop to users, developers, influencers and LPs during Sol-Trade Network Lifetime (release need SOLT coin holders proposal)
  • Staking Rewards for LP Stakers 50% (50M)
  • Sola Capital

  • MOB Venture

  • DNG Capitals